Harish K Beeram

Harish K Beeram

Chief UX/UI Architect

“Design used to be the seasoning you sprinkle on for the taste.. Now, its the flour you need at the start for your recipe”  – John Maeda.

Portfolio Projects


Portfolio of innovative solutions designed, architected and developed for past and current clients. 

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Design Strategy

The strategy used to design the user experience follows a design process that  caters to the needs of the applications developed. The front end architecture and apps development have to be kept in mind along with user centered design.



Let’s Work Together

My passion for the design, user experience, front end architecture and apps development inspires me to keep pushing my bar higher and higher up.  My successes in the field is only due to the love for what I do to innovate, come up with disruptive solutions for my clients.


Harish Beeram

Passionate UX/UI Architect

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