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A full-service Custom software development company that builds software applications with an omnichannel strategy. We, as Solutions UI/UX Inc., can design and develop web, mobile, and tablet apps, ensuring your users are delighted with amazing user interfaces (UI) and UX solutions.

Want to build disruptive innovative custom software apps and solutions?

Unlock Your Potential With The Best UX Designer Online Course!

Discover the art of exceptional user experiences with our comprehensive UI UX design course online at Solution UIUX Inc. As a full-service custom software development company, we specialize in building software applications with an omnichannel strategy. Our course will equip you with the skills to design and develop web, mobile, and tablet apps that leave users delighted. Learn from industry experts who excel in creating amazing user interfaces (UI) and UX solutions. Get practical knowledge and hands-on experience in user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.

Why Should You Join Our UX Design Course Online Today?

You should join the UX Design Course Online today and unlock the secrets to forming amazing user experiences. Upgrade your design skills and stand out in the competitive digital market. Let’s understand the importance of User experience design online courses for you.
  1. Flexibility: The UI UX online course offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace and from anywhere with an internet connection.
  2. Convenience: You can access course materials and lessons whenever you need to fit your learning around your schedule. We provide the Best UX design courses online for you.
  3. Cost-effective:  The Best UX courses online are often more affordable than in-person options, saving you money on commuting and accommodation expenses.
  4. Rich resources: Online courses provide a wealth of resources, including video tutorials, interactive exercises, and downloadable materials, to enhance your learning experience. We are one of the Best online UX design courses to design amazing user experiences in the market.
  5. Global community: Online courses connect you with a diverse community of learners and industry professionals worldwide, allowing for networking opportunities and valuable feedback.
  6. Industry-relevant skills: UI/UX design courses online are designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to make a career in the field, keeping up with industry trends and best practices.
  7. Career advancement: Completing an online UI/UX design course can open doors to job opportunities and career advancement in various industries that require skilled designers.
  8. Continuous learning: Online courses often provide lifetime access to course materials, allowing you to revisit and refresh your knowledge as needed, keeping up with evolving design practices.
Learn the art of creating seamless user experiences and captivating user interfaces from industry experts. The flexible online format helps you to study at your own pace and access the course materials anytime, anywhere.

Disruptive and Innovative Custom Software Development!

We are from the top custom software development companies. Also, we have expertise in developing cutting-edge software applications that can revolutionize your industry. (Additional information if required: Whether you have a specific idea or need assistance brainstorming and conceptualizing, we can create unique, game- changing solutions to set your business apart. Our team are skilled developers and designers will ensure your custom software app is tailored to meet your specific requirements and deliver exceptional results.)

Advance Your UI UX Design Career With Us!

Choose from the best online UX design courses and gain hands-on experience through practical projects. Our Top UI UX Designer Coaching and boot camps will provide you with the skills and knowledge to excel in this rapidly growing field. Take advantage of this opportunity to become a sought-after UI/UX designer. Enroll now with us at Solution UIUX Inc. and start an exciting journey toward a rewarding career in user experience design with one of the best UI/UX Designer bootcamps!

How Do We Do It? Let’s Take A Look

  • We specialize in enhancing the overall user experience of applications to maximize business success. We focus on improving usability, accessibility, and interaction to ensure higher user satisfaction with the product.
  • We are a Custom software development agency. Our mobile application design and development solutions are tailored to help your business lead in the digital market.
  • We specialize in developing software systems and Mobile app UI design services to help your idea or business run on the best platforms.
  • Our web application platforms are designed to be elegant, fast, robust, and secure, providing tailored solutions to focus on your core business goals.


Our mission as Solutions UI/UX Inc. is to assist organizations in transforming their business problems into solutions. We guide our clients through the entire process, from idea to proof of concept to delivery. Furthermore, we specialize in innovating, building a new scaled UX UI design solution, and implementing Rapid Continuous Improvement practices. Our services provide solutions, educate, and empower our clients to embrace and overcome their business challenges. We help position organizations for complete transformation and success by leveraging our innovations and solutions. Reach out to us today for our services!


User Interface Design

Web, Tablet & Mobile Apps Design, Visual Design Prototyping, Graphics, Iconography, Typography, Layout & Colors.

User Experience (UX)

Ideation, Strategy, Envisioning Product, Wireframes, Mockups, Usability Testing, User Journey & User Flows.

UI Architecture & Development

UI Architecting Appropriate Solutions Leveraging Front End Technologies for Proof of Concept, Prototype Applications, Production code for Front End


Do you want to have an application that is most conducive to business success?

We take on the task of improving user satisfaction with a product by making its usability, accessibility, and interaction better.

– Balsamiq

– Adobe Creative Suite

– Invision & Sketch

– User Testing

Does your idea/business need custom mobile application solutions?

We provide the best mobile application design and development solutions that can help your business to lead in the digital market.

– Ionic Framework

– Hybrid Apps

– React Native

– Apps Testing

Do you want to customize your day to day operations offline/online?

We develop software systems that can help your idea/business to run on the best platforms. We ideate solutions and innovate when you engage with us.


– Universal Windows Apps

– Windows Forms

– XAML & C#

Do you want to automate your business using web application solutions?

We create elegant, fast, robust and secure web application platforms that can tailor your day to day operations smoothly.

– ReactJS Apps

– Angular Apps

– Web Apps

– Vue.JS Apps

What our client is saying?

We have absolutely loved partnering with Solutions UI/UX team for our product. The team had a great delivery model that was collaborative and commendable. Starting with their UX professional services doing the competitive analysis and user research provided us the insights we needed for the product we were developing. Their analysis and design stage gave us critical understanding how the product will be a market differentiator by having an innovative solution for our unique business challenge in the industry we are in. Their UX designers provided wireframes and mockup with multiple options that we could choose the best of the options for our product. They architected and developed the solution in such a way that it was omnichannel and would help the product be available in all the platforms. Solutions UI/UX provided us the end-to-end solution by taking our idea from a simple one meeting and coming up with tangible innovative solution with their proficiency in agile software UX, architecture, design, and development. Team designed and developed the code for the app. We are glad we partnered with them on our product and will certainly do in future opportunities.
Justin Den Herder

Founder, NuResolution Technologies

I can’t speak highly enough of the Solutions UIUX team! It is an absolute pleasure to work with. They did not only develop an impressive technical solution but also provided additional value by connecting me with financial support making my business vision a reality. With one single meeting, they were able to understand my platform needs and goals. Throughout the project, they ensured that best practices were in place to deliver an amazing platform. Their robust UX, design, software development processes, and collaboration gave me the peace of mind that my idea was transforming into a tangible solution. I really thank the Solutions UIUX team for their outstanding work and support. They are highly qualified professionals, extremely committed, and with a high level of integrity. I look forward to collaborating on future projects with them. If you are searching for a technology solution for your business, Solutions UIUX is the organization to partner with! I highly recommend them..
Maribel Reyna

Founder & CEO of Verbal Bridges, Verbal Bridges LLC

My experience with Solutions UIUX was great! I came to Harish with an idea and a high-level prototype of a mobile application, and he was able to visualize and provide additional value immediately. We collaborated on my idea and worked together to ensure my goals and vision was met. His team was able to provide the support I needed end to end to bring my product from the ideation phase to completion. My favorite part of working with the Solution UIUX team was the personal investment I felt from the team into my product. I felt like they were just as invested in the product as I was, and they were committed to ensure I was successful. I highly recommend Solution UIUX and I am very thankful for the wonderful work and support I received throughout our app development project. Thank you! Our My Lumps app that we designed and developed with Solutions UIUX team has won the first prize in INNOVATION! in Orlando Synapse check this link.
Petrayris Del Angel

Founder of MyLumps , MyLumps LLC

I love the integrity of the team Solutions UIUX. They have gone above and beyond by delivering the amazing new experiences with our new applications design and development. Starting with their UX professionals doing the competitive analysis and user research provided us the insights we needed for the product we were developing. Their analysis and design stage gave us critical understanding how the product will be a market differentiator by having an innovative solution for our unique business challenge in the industry we are in. Their team provided mockups with multiple options that we could choose the best of the options for our product. We just asked for Mobile, but the team delivered web along with mobile that give 360 views for our product/application. I really thank the Solutions UIUX team so much for their excellent work and assisting us. It is rare find such an organization with high ethical, and moral values. We would love and look forward to collaborating on future apps with Solutions UIUX Team..
Ewane Masango


They transformed our home page into a clean and responsive layout. Within 1 week of the change, I’m seeing more traffic hit the page. I look forward to doing more projects with Solutions UI/UX!
Don Sevcik


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