Investor Access

Investment Banking  institution provides access to investors portfolio via the web app.


Investor Access App

The investor access web application is the one place where the investors and clients of an investment backing firm can easily access portfolio and all the necessary details.

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My roles & responsibilities


Performed one the crucial steps which involved the skeleton of the MyLumps app.


Gathered the requirements from the client and understood the needs of the app.


Interaction design of the approved user flow s that are designed micro interactions.

Lead UX Design

Lead the design team from Interaction Design, Information Architecture, HI FI and Visual design.

High Fidelity

High Fidelity (Fi Fi) mock up of the application with involved visual design.


Lead the App development from the stand point of needed UX, Design patterns and architecture.

UX, Visual Design, Mockups and Prototype Development.

Challenges & Solution

  • Challenge: Investors having utmost updated information on their portfolio without having to reach out to the financial advisor if they have one.
  • Solution: Investor Access app allows the investor to view their portfolio and all accounts in details with gain/loss current prices and much more



A web application to provide access to investors portfolio, analysis, current updated prices, portfolio values, asset allocations and much more.

Financial Advisor

Investor access allows financial advisor to focus on the clients Goal planning and monitoring and lets their clients to access their portfolio as they wish..

Asset Management

Financial advisors are able to manage the assets for the clients. Clients aser able to look at the asset allocation charts, growth etc.

User Testing

  The rankings are within a particular portfolio.  Hence, it’s a clean, precise and controlled environment.

Funds Trasfer

Secure document storage, document signing and funds transfer allows clients to invest by doing funds transfer and liquidate as needed. 

Activities monitoring

Investment activities monitoring with dividend reinvestments,  payment history, bill pay and transition based on date ranges etc.