Worthwhile Magazine

Digital transformation iPad project from paper based only option to catering with digital option for the high level investor clients implemented by an esteemed investment banking institution.  


WorthWhile Magazine

Worthwhile Magazine is a creative circulation to the high end investor clients who has been served with traditional paper based magazine only until this iPad based digital version was made available.

Worth While Magazine app

My roles & responsibilities


Performed one the crucial steps which involved the skeleton of the Worthwhile mazine app.


Gathered the requirements from the client stakeholder and understood the needs of the app.


Interaction design of the approved user interactions that are designed micro interactions. Gesture enabled slide in and out components, embedded images and videos.

Lead Implementation

Lead the implementation using the Adobe DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) and necessary customizations

High Fidelity

High Fidelity (Fi Fi) mock up of the application with involved visual design.


Lead the App prototype and development from the stand point of needed design and deployment architecture.

User Experience (UX) and Visual Design..

Challenges & Solution

  • Challenge: Client engagement and interaction with paper based magazine could not be measure and getting feedback was challenging along with cost of production of paper cover magazine. 
  • Solution: Digital innovation and transformational iPad app for the first of its kind in the investment banking institution.



A digital innovation and transformation of the exiting paper based only Magazine.

User Appreciation

Leveraging the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), performing needed enhancement for this app. Received great positive feedback from users.

Usability Testing

Performed the needed usability testing with app and prototype with the Financial advisors. Gave ability for the advisors to bring their business banner into the add.

First iPad App

This was first iPad native app that was deployed to the subscribed financial advisors to distribute to their clients. 

Advisor Community

Architected, Designed the User Experience(UX) of the Financial Advisors subscription in the web application that gives FA needed subscriptions.

Innovative Offering

This innovative solution was architected designed and developer by Marketing, Architecture, and development teams collaboratively working together.