An alternative heath platform designed for the those individuals who need a alternative health care solutions such as herbal, homeopathic, yoga and energy healing etc.  


Bradlytics Platform

A platform for brands that  are in the alternative medicine to help patients and humanity, This platform gives a way for Brands of alternative medicine to provide the necessary care.

Option 5 for Dashboard and Analytics for Brandlytics

My roles & responsibilities


Performed one the crucial steps of ideation by leveraging brand new forming, storming and norming process. 


Gathered the requirements from the client and understood the needs of the app.


Interaction design of the approved user flow s that are designed micro interactions.

Lead UX Design

Lead the design team from Interaction Design, Information Architecture, HI FI and Visual design.

High Fidelity

High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) mock up of the application with involved visual design.


Lead the App development from the stand point of needed UX, Design patterns and architecture.

User Experience (UX) and Visual Design..

Challenges & Solution

  • A practicing of newly learnt language with others  is not excising. A language learning, practicing platform that does not exits  



The wellness Brands to be able to show their areas of expertise, wellness practices, product et. Wellness Brands come on the Brandlitics Mobile app to find the insights, analytics, data and information to help improve their business.

Login module

Login Module for different persona of Wellness Brands, Healthcare Companies and Society.IO Administrator to perform their specific tasks.

Analytics module

Analytics Module that can demonstrate with Dashboards the wellness brands analytics.


Recommendations of how to improve their analytics, metrics and relevancy rankings etc.


Consumer Insights are generated by the current feedback module that leverages the consumers reviews

Innovative Solution

Search criteria, Brand Index calculations based on the feedback, Relevance tier or ranks influence who is displayed ranking from 1 to x.