Brand Rank

BrandRank is an upcoming platform that lets agents gain access to exclusive information on ratings of brands so that they can make informed decisions.


Brand Rank App

  The BrandRank app helps  agents to rank various brands based on the preset criteria that leverages that brank experience index algorithm. This helps agents to make informed recommendations to their clients with very high confidence.   “BrandRank built by the agent for the agents”.

Brand Rank image

My roles & responsibilities


Performed one the crucial steps which involved the skeleton of the BrandRank app.


Gathered the requirements from the client and understood the needs of the app.


Interaction design of the approved user flow s that are designed micro interactions.

Lead UX Design

Lead the design team from Interaction Design, Information Architecture, HI FI and Visual design.

High Fidelity

High Fidelity (Hi Fi) mock up of the application with involved visual design.


Lead the App development from the stand point of needed UX, Design patterns and architecture.

User Experience (UX) and Visual Design..

Challenges & Solution

  • Channel independent agents face the challenge of recommending brands that are rated by expensive sources outside of agent community with a high level of confidence to their clients.
  • They have no way of really determining whether the brands are performing well within the portfolio since the independent agents are not ranking ranking those brands
  • Potential Risk: If agents make a terrible recommendation then the ripple effect will impact everyone involved across the eco system.



  A mechanism for quick access to brand ranking based on a predetermined set of criteria within a sector by agents within the agent’s community.

Independent Agents

When agents have full autonomy over their space in the ecosystem, it drastically increases the level of confidence in their recommendations to their clients.

Competitive Edge

Agents will become the primary sources of brand ranking across different sectors, within their own agent community.

User Testing

  The rankings are within a particular portfolio.  Hence, it’s a clean, precise and controlled environment.

Agent Community

The market is wide open for agents to become  equalizers in the B2B space.

Innovative Solution

Finally, agents can now rely on the primary sources inside the agent community with the BrandRank app that addresses all the types of brands/companies in an agents portfolio.