Broker Mobile App

A solution for Healthcare insurance company that is leveraged by healthcare insurance brokers who can leverage the mobile app to do business while on the go.  


Brokers Mobile App

A mobile solution to address the challenges for the brokers working with various in healthcare insurance companies need to access information. This app not only provides the necessary information closer to web portal but also allows to make portal login easy.

Onsurance Broker Mobile App

Roles & Responsibilities


Performed one the crucial steps which involved the skeleton of the Worthwhile mazine app.


Gathered the requirements from the client stakeholder and understood the needs of the app.


Interaction design of the approved user interactions that are designed micro interactions. Gesture enabled slide in and out components, embedded images and videos.

Lead Implementation

Lead the implementation using the Adobe DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) and necessary customizations

High Fidelity

High Fidelity (Fi Fi) mock up of the application with involved visual design.


Lead the App prototype and development from the stand point of needed design and deployment architecture.

UX, Visual Design and Lead UI Architecture

Challenges & Solution

  • Challenge: Healthcare insurance brokers needing to access information from anywhere, anytime and any device.
  • Solution: Brokers Mobile app on IOS and Android gives the necessary information and much more.



A digital way of letting the brokers conduct business anytime anywhere by having secure information. 

User Experience

The  UX, and Design helped brokers to easily find information. Leveraged React Native development technology architected, designed and built in elegant way..

Usability Testing

Tested  the usability and critical features that were important such as commissions that the brokers are earning can be veiwed.

First Broker App

This was first Broker mobile native app that the healthcare insure have published until then it was only web interfaces. that was available for the brokers.

Brokers Community

Brokers liked the Broker Mobile app because they can check the summariness, commissions, renewals, news and search etc.

Productivity Improvements

Broker mobile app helps with the productivity, however it does not give all 100% of the features that the Web portal application does.