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Harish is the Founder and Chief Innovations Officer at Solutions UI/UX Inc. Previously, he has been Enterprise UI/Mobile Architect in various organizations like Inspire Brands, AgileThought, Bloomin’ Brands, Clarifire & Raymond James. His passion is in Innovations, and UI/UX Solutions for his Clients in the areas of UI Architecture, UX Design, UI Development and all things front end.
He has an M.S in Mechanical Engineering. He has been living in Tampa bay area since 2006. He likes to spend time with family, going to the movies, volunteering, swimming and basketball.
He has designed, architected and developed large, medium and small scale applications with UX, Design principles and User centered design in mind. He loves to focus on product vision, direction, strategy and implementation and strongly believes that “we need to make it easy for users no matter how hard it is for us (technologists) “.
Harish Beeram
Habris Beeram Professional Photo with Suit on.
Harish Beeram
Enterprise UI/UX/Mobility/Accessibility Architect | Advisory Board Member @Suncoast Developer Guild Managing Director of IT @ EducateChildren.org | Founder & CXO @Solutions UI/UX.com

Course instruction from Beginner Level (3 months), Intermediate Level (3 months) and Advanced Level (3 months)


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Here's what other students got to say...

Alyssya Kennedy photo
Alyssa Kennedy

Harish is a motivated and intelligent instructor who has substantial knowledge in his field. Harish leads by example, dedicating his time and energy to educate others even when he does not benefit financially. He is always capable of adapting to new work environments, as represented by this Zoom course, and has a very positive attitude. If you're looking to gain a general understanding of ux/design principles and to connect with a community member who cares, I would suggest enrolling.

Gabriel Testimonial
Gabriel Yeager

I know I am rather late to writing this review, but I wanted to extend a very grateful "Thank You" to Harish for the opportunity to learn from his experiences and vast amount of knowledge, as well the guest speakers. This course was well worth the time, and I feel even more prepared and encouraged for a career in UX Design now.

Yessie Testimonial
Yessie Diaz

I would like to extend my thanks to Harish for taking the time out to give this course. I found it to be very insightful and learned a lot. The information obtained will assist in furthering my current skill set within the UI/UX realm and accessibility. Thank you again, Harish for your time and the material thought. It was very helpful.

Image of Rachael who gave Testimonial
Rachel Scherer

Thank you Harish for teaching this course. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to attend. As someone who had no previous UI/UX experience I acquired lots of new knowledge and feel like I have been able to gain a new skill set. I am excited to continue learning about UI/UX and accessibility. Thank you again Harish for taking the time to share your knowledge and thank you for offering your guidance/mentorship to help me continue to grow in this field!.

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Business Xperience Designer (BXD)
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  • 3 real life practice projects
  • UX Design + Accessibility Design
  • UX Researcher (additional)
  • Learning by working in 3 teams /cohort
  • Professional UX & Accessibility Designer Text & Work Book
    (World's first comprehensive text book with assignments/projects )
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