My Lumps

The First Ever Digital Breast Self-Exam Tool, helping increase the breast cancer awareness in women by early detection.


MyLumps App

Provide women with a tool to annotate, track, and maintain a log of their breast self-exams in an easy and efficient way. My Lumps was created and designed to address the lack of tools available for women in need of increasing their breast awareness through self-exams. There are currently no solutions available for women to track their breast self-exams and many women don’t perform them or perform them inconsistently. My Lumps is the solution.

MYLumps Mobile App

My roles & responsibilities


Performed one of the crucial steps which involved the skeleton of the MyLumps app.


Gathered the requirements from the client and understood the needs of the app.


Designed the interaction design along with micro interaction based on the approved user flows. 

Lead UX Design

Lead the design team from Interaction Design, Information Architecture, HI FI and Visual design.

High Fidelity

High Fidelity (Hi- Fi) mock up of the application with involved visual design.


Lead the App development from the stand point of needed UX, Design patterns and architecture.

User Experience (UX), Wireframing and Design..

Client & End user Appreciation

The design and development of the MyLumps has gotten much praise from our client. It was released and received heavy praise from many women about the app be wonderful along with constructive feedback. The below video will demonstrate the beta phase feedback incorporation and getting ready for full release clearing minor defects. The client also shares the feedback she received and Harish Beeram also share the excellent appreciation received by end user.

App Benefits

The app was created to address the lack of the self breast exam record keeping tool currently no available.



To provide an intuitive app that effectively lets users to track the monthly self-breast exams.

Targeted Users

Women who are 40 years and above., since the risk of breast cancer start around 40 years or older. 

Competitive Edge

There is not self breast exams tracking tool in the market place that will make life easy for women.

User Testing

Performed user testing with women who loved the app and gave valuable feedback  to improve.

Health Care

The preventative approaches in healthcare is very much appreciated by doctors, insurance companies etc this app falls in that category.

Innovation Award

This app won the Innovation award the eh Orlando  Synapse conference for this Mobile App innovation