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You shouldn’t have to put your life on hold to start a new career.


No need to quit your job. Learn the skills you need to become a UI/UX designer at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.


Get mentored one-to-one by an expert mentor. Get coached by one-to-one by a dedicated career coach.


Build on the job UX/UI skills through real world projects with client facing design work

Starting from Zero to becoming Professional UX Designer

It does not matter what your past situation was, however it matters what your current actions are to have a better future. This course combined with your hard & smart work will get you a position that will be rewarding financially to you and opportunities that are fulfilling.

Skills of what a Professional UI/UX & Accessibility designer do possess ?


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Harish Beeram Course Author

Meet  your UI-UX Instructor.

Harish Beeram

Enterprise UI/UX/Mobility/Accessibility Architect | Advisory Board Member @Suncoast Developer Guild Managing Director of IT @ | Founder & CXO @Solutions UI/

Harish is the Founder and Chief Innovations Officer at Solutions UI/UX Inc. Previously, he has been Enterprise UI/Mobile Architect in various organizations like Inspire Brands, AgileThought, Bloomin’ Brands, Clarifire & Raymond James. His passion is in Innovations, and UI/UX Solutions for his Clients in the areas of UI Architecture, UX Design, UI Development and all things front end.

He has designed, architected and developed large, medium and small scale applications with UX, Design principles and User centered design in mind. He loves to focus on product vision, direction, strategy and implementation and strongly believes that “we need to make it easy for users no matter how hard it is for us (technologists) “.

He has an M.S in Mechanical Engineering. He has been living in Tampa bay area since 2006. He likes to spend time with family, going to the movies, volunteering, swimming and cricket.

How does this program work?

The program is spilt into three different sub programs.

  1. Knowledge and deeper understanding of how Software UI/UX & accessibility professional designers goes through different stages User research, UX (User Experience Design), User interviews and application of the design principals.
  2. Practice of the designer tools that are used in many organizations such as Enterprises (large and small), SMB (Small & Medium Businesses) and last but not least by Startups or Entrepreneurs. 
  3. Application of the Knowledge the first first point above by leveraging the design tools the second point above. This is done through working a in team model that will get you used to working in a team based environment, however at the same time while working on the real-life like project you will gain a complete understanding, wisdom, skills and experience that are required by UX Designers.  


Professional UX Designer learning order skills that display 1. Acquiring Knowledge 2. Learning the design tools and 3, Application of knowledge by working on real life like projects in a team based environment.

Testimonials from clients who worked with us.

Alyssya Kennedy photo

Petrayris Del Angel

Founder of MyLumps
Alyssa Kennedy's Testimonial

My experience with Solutions UIUX was great!
I came to Harish with an idea and a high-level prototype of a mobile application, and he was able to visualize and provide additional value immediately. We collaborated on my idea and worked together to ensure my goals and vision was met. His team was able to provide the support I needed end to end to bring my product from the ideation phase to completion. My favorite part of working with the Solution UIUX team was the personal investment I felt from the team into my product. I felt like they were just as invested in the product as I was, and they were committed to ensure I was successful.
I highly recommend Solution UIUX and I am very thankful for the wonderful work and support I received throughout our app development project. Thank you!

Our My Lumps app that we designed and developed with Solutions UIUX team has won the first prize in INNOVATION! in Orlando Synapse check link below.

Khamambhati Student Photo

Justin Den Herder

CEO o Nuresolutions Technologies

Indira Kambhampati's Testimonial

We have absolutely loved partnering with Solutions UI/UX team for our product. The team had a great delivery model that was collaborative and commendable. They architected and developed the solution in such a way that it was omnichannel and would help the product be available in all the platforms. Solutions UI/UX provided us the end-to-end solution by taking our idea from a simple one meeting and coming up with tangible innovative solution with their proficiency in agile software UX, architecture, design, and development. Team designed and developed the code for the app. We are glad we partnered with them on our product and will certainly do in future opportunities.


Gabriel Testimonial

Gabriel Yeager

Experience Designer & Professor. Space Advocate & Tech Evangelist.

Gabriel Yeager's Testimonial

I know I am rather late to writing this review, but I wanted to extend a very grateful "Thank You" to Harish for the opportunity to learn from his experiences and vast amount of knowledge, as well the guest speakers. This course was well worth the time, and I feel even more prepared and encouraged for a career in UX Design now.

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Yessie Testimonial

Yessie Diaz

Web dev, digital problem solver. Interested?

Yessie Diaz's Testimonial

I would like to extend my thanks to Harish for taking the time out to give this course. I found it to be very insightful and learned a lot. The information obtained will assist in furthering my current skill set within the UI/UX realm and accessibility. Thank you again, Harish for your time and the material thought. It was very helpful.

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Image of Rachael who gave  Testimonial

Rachel Scherer

VSD Talent Associate at Kforce Inc

Rachel Scherer's Testimonial

Thank you Harish for teaching this course. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to attend. As someone who had no previous UI/UX experience I acquired lots of new knowledge and feel like I have been able to gain a new skill set.

I am excited to continue learning about UI/UX and accessibility. Thank you again Harish for taking the time to share your knowledge and thank you for offering your guidance/mentorship to help me continue to grow in this field!.

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Picture of Student Kala who gave testimonial

Sarvakala Pattisapu

Quality Data at BHI, Previously QA Manager

Sarvakala Pattisapu's Testimonial

Harish Beeram hashtag Kudos Thanks a ton for presenting! hashtag GreatPresentation Harish is a a subject matter expert in UI/Ux design principles and excellent instructor in his field. When he conducted his classes in April, I was curious to listen to him for a few days but he mesmerized me with his expertise that I attended almost all of them.

The depth of knowledge he has amazed me. If you're looking to gain a general understanding of ux/design principles and to connect with a community member who cares, I would suggest enrolling

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Vamsi Course taker from Hyderabad India. Picture and testimonial

Vamsi Adam

Now UX Designer at Solutions UiUX Inc

Vamsi Adam's Testimonial

I did not have any background or any knowledge in the design industry but thanks to Solutions UIUX as I was from M.B.A background, I have acquired a lot of knowledge in the design and software industry. Not only did I learn a lot from Harish’s team at SolutionsUIUX but also the training has taken my career to a whole new level. The experience and wisdom the team at SolutionsUIUX has to offer is very high and this has helped me develop my career undertakings very well, especially in the IT Industry.

I would like to thank this team for the time and the valuable training that they have presented to me; I will definitely recommend this course to everyone who is seeking a job in software industry or trying it out as a new career path.”

Paul Akolae photo

Paul Akolade

Now an Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner in this software field.

Paul Akolade's Testimonial

I am privileged to have enrolled for Solutions UIUX course on UX & Product Design. Harish Beeram is so meticulous about the wealth of content and expertise provided in the course. Now I am a confident product designer. [The] course gave me almost all the knowledge, wisdom and experiences I need for a becoming successful UX & Product designer.

Having extensive background in marketing, I could see clearly the UX, and Marketing fields have some overlap. However, to most part these fields are complimentary to each other. I am excited for this great new UX product design career. I didn’t know that one excellent accelerated and intensive course [could] pivot my career to great professional direction. This is not just a course its like a 4 years of College degree and diploma and with few years of experience packaged into 3 months minimum coaching & mentoring program.”

Shruthi Program taker from Hyderabad India Photo and testimonial

Shruthi Sagadam

Now a UX Designer at Solutions UiUX Inc.

Shruthi Sagadam's Testimonial

“Hey, I am Shruthi. One thing about me is that I had no interest to work in the Software industry as I did not have a software/ IT background, but this all changed during my search for an ideal career path for myself. Solutions UIUX was like a God’s gift to me which has shown me the proper career in which I enjoy working in. Harish and his team of experts at SolutionsUIUX have helped me understand all the things I need to know right from scratch, I think the trainers and instructors at Solutions UIUX are motivational and inspirational, they have helped in every step of my way through this training.

This course is a must take for students who are starting out to try something new and exciting even if they have different background academically, it can drastically improve one’s career’s path. There is also a book written by the founder Harish [and] it has been incredibly useful and helpful throughout the course. I aspire to be an expert in this field in the future, taking help from the team at SolutionsUIUX who have a lot of knowledge in this particular field.”

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