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When you feel you have benefited from this webinar, would love to contribute in someway,. Please consider assisting Enable World charity organization ( to provide technology/devices for people with disabilities it sis not needed however the organization appreciates any kid of assistance. 

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Meet the Hosts
Maribel Reyna phot
Maribel : Visionary Entrepreneur – Guest Speaker
Maribel is a visionary entrepreneur who is the founder of Verbal Bridges. Her entrepreneur journey has found a lot of twists and turns. She will be sharing the informative and significant information which is very useful for entrepreneur starting the journey. 
Alexia : Business Financing Expert – Guest Presenter
Alexia Villa is an expert in the field of corporate financing and business credit building. She shares her knowledge on financing trends to help entrepreneurs and companies raise the needed funds to grow their business. Alexia has the exceptional ability to think creatively and uniquely based on her client’s specific situation.
Sudhakar Photo
Sudhakar: President of – Guest Presenter
As a Co-Founder of Sliver Business Services, Sudhakar provides IT Consulting, Virtual CIO (VCIO) service, and Digital Enablement Solutions to Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium size businesses in Chicago land and beyond.


Ira Bowman Photo
Ira Bowman: Founder of BDM – Guest Speaker
Ira’s Bowman Digital Media (BDM) firm helps clients increase their visibility and digital audience on social media and drive traffic to their websites. Some people call Ira as an influencer…while Ira is humble not call himself as Influencer. He does have hundreds of thousands of 197K followers on LinkedIn, over 102,000 followers on Instagram, and another 10,000 on YouTube with thousands more following me on Pinterest and Twitter.
Harish: Founder & CEO – Co-Host
Harish as founder of Solutions UIUX Inc has been helping entrepreneurs with Disruptive & Innovative custom software apps and solutions that solve real-world challenges.  By successfully creating software from idea/challenge/vision to reality and deploying into market. Harish is a Product/apps Vision Strategist how can suggest potential solutions to ideas/challenges in on meeting. He is also a public speaker in conferences and a online/in-person course author. Currently authoring a book on User experience coming out in 3 months.
Harish Beeram





When you feel you have benefited from this webinar, would love to contribute in someway,. Please consider assisting Enable World charity organization ( to provide technology/devices for people with disabilities it sis not needed however the organization appreciates any kid of assistance. 
What Other Entrepreneurs are saying…
Maribel Reyna phot
Maribel Reyna | Founder & CEO of Verbal Bridges

I can’t speak highly enough of the Solutions UIUX team!
It is an absolute pleasure to work with. They did not only develop an
impressive technical solution but also provided additional value by connecting
me with financial support making my business vision a reality.

With one single meeting, they were able to understand my
platform needs and goals. Throughout the project, they ensured that best
practices were in place to deliver an amazing platform. Their robust UX,
design, software development processes, and collaboration gave me the peace of
mind that my idea was transforming into a tangible solution.

I really thank the Solutions UIUX team for their
outstanding work and support. They are highly qualified professionals,
extremely committed, and with a high level of integrity.  I look forward to collaborating on future
projects with them.

If you are searching for a technology solution for your
business, Solutions UIUX is the organization to partner with! I highly
recommend them.

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Justin Den Herder | Founder of NuResolution Technologies.

We have absolutely loved partnering with Solutions UI/UX team for our product. The team had a great delivery model that was collaborative and commendable.
They architected and developed the solution in such a way that it was omnichannel and would help the product be available in all the platforms. Solutions UI/UX provided us the end-to-end solution by taking our idea from a simple one meeting and coming up with tangible innovative solution with their proficiency in agile software UX, architecture, design, and development. Team designed and developed the code for the app. We are glad we partnered with them on our product and will certainly do in future opportunities.

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Petrayris Del Angel | Founder of MyLumps

My experience with Solutions UIUX was great!
I came to Harish with an idea and a high-level prototype of a mobile application, and he was able to visualize and provide additional value immediately. We collaborated on my idea and worked together to ensure my goals and vision was met. His team was able to provide the support I needed end to end to bring my product from the ideation phase to completion. My favorite part of working with the Solution UIUX team was the personal investment I felt from the team into my product. I felt like they were just as invested in the product as I was, and they were committed to ensure I was successful.
I highly recommend Solution UIUX and I am very thankful for the wonderful work and support I received throughout our app development project. Thank you!

Our My Lumps app that we designed and developed with Solutions UIUX team has won the first prize in INNOVATION! in Orlando Synapse check link below.


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Ewane Masango |  CEO & President of THE SOCIETY

I love the integrity of the team Solutions UIUX. They have gone above and beyond by delivering the amazing
new experiences with our new applications design and development.
Starting with their UX professionals doing the competitive
analysis and user research provided us the insights we needed for the product
we were developing. Their analysis and design stage gave us critical
understanding how the product will be a market differentiator by having an
innovative solution for our unique business challenge in the industry we are

Their team provided mockups with multiple options that we could choose the best of the options for
our product. We just asked for Mobile, but the team delivered web
along with mobile that give 360 views for our product/application. I really thank
the Solutions UIUX team so much for their excellent work and assisting us. It
is rare find such an organization with high ethical, and moral values. We would
love and look forward to collaborating on future apps with Solutions UIUX Team.

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Take the guaranteed chance to TRANSFORM your life and PROPELL your career into Entrepreneurship.
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UIUX is a full-service custom software company building software apps with
amazing User Interface and User Experience. The UI/UX/Accessibility services
provided by our specialists, designers, and developers focus on delivering
functionally aesthetic solutions based on latest technologies using impactful

design innovative and immersive experiences. Our experiential software applications
design and development process creates empathy, emotion, and trust with the end
consumers of our client applications.  The
engagement between the brand/product and consumer through efficient web and
apps design, graphic design, apps development and vital brand/products (apps)
experience strategies. 

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